The Nintendo Switch Lite: What is it?

Nintendo has been releasing a new version of its Switch system since 20 September. Dedicated to mobile gaming, it takes the sweet name Nintendo Switch Lite and is available in different colours. But what are its specific features and characteristics? The Nintendo Switch Lite is the name of the Japanese giant's new system. It was launched on 20 September 2019. Will it replace the standard model? Actually, no, it's a complementary version of the system that's primarily aimed at a nomadic audience.

The Switch Lite, a 100% portable console

Where the Nintendo Switch system can be used in handheld mode, TV mode on its base or tabletop mode (Joy-Cons detached, screen held by the retractable foot on the back), the Switch Lite does not offer these choices. Indeed, this new version is designed as a portable console. No Joy-Cons, but controls integrated into the hull confine the machine to a single use. Another concession, the absence of detachable Joy-Cons has removed the HD vibration function and the infrared camera with motion detectors. On the other hand, the NFC function for the recognition of amiibo remains present on the right analog stick. So, be careful with the limits that this imposes. All video games requiring the use of Joy-Cons and these functions are not compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite! Only games that can be used in portable mode will work with it.

Switch Lite = Lighter Switch!

Although its autonomy is similar to that of the standard console (3 to 7 hours depending on the games used), the Switch Lite weighs much less: 275 grams compared to almost 400 grams for a Switch in portable mode (with Joy-Cons). Its dimensions are also slightly smaller, which is reflected in the size of the LCD screen, which goes from 6.2 to 5.5 inches (15.24 to 12.7 cm). The resolution remains unchanged at 720p.

Switch Lite and colours

The Nintendo Switch Lite is available in four colours: yellow, grey, turquoise and coral pink. All models offer the same features, including a microSD port and a headset socket. A limited grey Pokémon version, silk-screened in the image of Zacian and Zamazenta and equipped with buttons and sticks in their colours, is also available for release.
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