What are the different types of video games?

Since its creation, video games have been constantly developing. Being a representation of virtual reality, it attracts many consumers. Today, it is even becoming a broad field, touching all sectors of activity. Indeed, there are different types of video games. What are these types of virtual games? And how to classify them?

The classification of video games

The classification of video games is based on several criteria. On the one hand, it depends on the gameplay. In other words, the game's playability must be taken into account. To achieve this, we rely on the field of activity of the game. For example, some games can be about sports and mechanics, while others are mainly about fighting, wars, etc. On the other hand, the classification is based on the type of gamers. In this case, two criteria are used: age and gender. There are types of video games for each age group. Games for children are generally more educational, simpler and less violent. Conversely, young people prefer action or fighting games. Similarly, the types of games for women differ from those for men. Nevertheless, there are also standard virtual games, such as word games or puzzles.

The main types of video games

In principle, there are no official types of games. The classification therefore remains subjective. Nevertheless, it is possible to categorize video games according to the criteria mentioned above. We can therefore cite 5 types of video games including action, adventure, platform, strategy or thinking and simulation games. Action games are reaction games. They require the player's skill. They are mainly manifested by the realization of various missions. There are several kinds of action games: shooting games, combat games, obstacle games, etc.. As for adventure games, they are more interested in exploration, searching for treasure, or solving an enigma. Platform games are games that require perseverance and courage on the part of the player. Strategy and puzzle games, on the other hand, require intelligence. Finally, simulation games are reproductions of daily life, but in a virtual way. The latter type has a wide scope. It affects many sectors.

Other video games

There are also other types of video games. They are diverse and do not fit into the main categories of video games. Examples include sports games, racing games and educational games. There are also video games specifically for smartphones.
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