What is the role of the video game producer?

Video games appeared in the 1950s and have evolved greatly over time. Being a flourishing market, it brings together many players. The video game producer is one example. As its name suggests, he is in charge of the production of the game, from its creation to its launch. In principle, the producer has 3 main roles: the establishment of the project, the follow-up of the project and the launch of the video game on the market.

Establishing a video game project

The video game producer is part of the production team. As such, he or she must assist in the establishment of the project. He must provide his ideas concerning the development of the video game. He must also study, with other professionals, the activities and scenographies to be integrated into the game. He must ensure that the game is attractive and useful for gamers. To do this, he must also be aware of developments in the field of video games. He must inform himself of the expectations and needs of consumers. In addition, the video game producer is also responsible for drawing up the budget. Thus, he must take into account the cost of production, staff remuneration and the costs for the launch of the game.

Monitoring the project

The video game producer is primarily responsible for the realization of the project. To this end, he or she must oversee the production process from start to finish. He will set up several teams and will organize the missions of each of them. He will assign them specific tasks, according to their skills. He will also train them so that the work is well organized. He will also make sure that production runs smoothly. He will control the work of each team, he will check the product, from its conception to its execution.

Launching the video game on the market

As soon as production is completed, the video game must be launched on the market. This phase is very important, as it will determine the success of the product. To attract the most customers, the producer must have a good marketing strategy. He must ensure that the price is not too high, at the risk of scaring away potential consumers. He must also plan several kinds of animations, in order to captivate as many people as possible and encourage them to buy the product. In a nutshell, the video game producer must have computer and visual communication skills, but also interpersonal skills.
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