What is the job of a game designer?

Published on : 08 June 20203 min reading time

The digital field affects all age groups, even the youngest. Video games are increasingly replacing traditional games. This is due to the endless evolution of technology and also of gaming. Indeed, many people are working together to create an impressive virtual game. The game designer is among them.

What is a game designer?

As its name suggests, a game designer is a video game designer. He is the one who is in charge of the design and development of the game. He or she works with several people, including the computer developers, art direction, etc. In the team, he is considered the project manager. To this effect, he holds a huge responsibility.

The game designer is involved from the preparation to the production of the game. He will first collect and synthesize all the ideas. Then, he will design the technical programming of the game, together with the programmers. Finally, he will coordinate their actions during the creation of the game.

The game designer is more of a bureaucrat than a technician. Nevertheless, he must have a strong competence in computer science and virtual reality.

A game designer: what are his roles?

The game designer has 3 main roles: administrative, technical and financial.

First of all, he is in charge of writing the game document. This comes after the collection of ideas and the design of the plan.

Then, he performs several technical tasks such as creating the graphic elements of the game (scenery, design, characters, etc.), testing the game and correcting any errors.

Finally, he studies the profitability of the game, at the level of the financial market. In order to do this, he has to keep abreast of new trends, target gamers and the competition.

A game designer: how to become one?

To become a game designer, you need gaming skills. Therefore, he must have at least a DUT in computer science or visual communication, with a multimedia option. Some institutions also offer a specialization in video games and their universes (consoles, computers, etc.). To better qualify, it is preferable to take this training.

Aside from technical skills, the game designer must also possess certain qualities. Being a team leader, he must have a spirit of leadership. He must be dynamic, because designing a video game requires a lot of travel. Moreover, a game designer is a rigorous and serious person. Finally, he must be responsible and know how to correct his mistakes.

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