PC Gamer RAM: DDR3 and DDR4 RAM, what’s the difference?

Published on : 08 June 20203 min reading time

RAM is a component that you can find in a computer. It is a small tool that will allow you to save different information in a given time. That is to say that this data will only be there temporarily in your PC. It is therefore something very important. Since there are several of them, you have to know what you really need for your computer.

Why use RAM?

You probably already know that a computer has a hard disk for data backups. So why do you need RAM to preserve this information again? Designers didn’t make the different types of RAM just for their hobby. This hardware is there to play an important role. In a computer, the hard disk is a component that works very slowly. For efficient speed when you need information, RAM comes into play.  Therefore, all important information will be put in RAM in a temporary time so that it is possible to take useful information quickly. To find the best ways to use RAM, you need to know how to optimize your pc for games.


The DDR3 RAM consists of several important features, namely In operating speed, DDR4 has a much greater advantage compared to DDR3 RAM. In the amount of memory, the latter type of RAM has a capacity starting from 2 GB. The use of DDR3 results in a higher voltage. It works with the frequency from 400 to 1066 MHz. This is a small value if you compare it with a DDR4. Moreover, it is important to know that RAM is one of the factors to optimize windows. It is an ideal point for your video game game game.


The use of DDR4 RAM can have several characteristics. This type of RAM is faster compared to other types. It is a guaranteed speed for the operation of your computer. In addition, when you use DDR4, the power consumption seems smaller compared to DDR3. That is to say that in terms of your electricity, you will have a plus with the use of this type of RAM. Since the DDR4 is equipped with larger chips, it is possible to make larger backups in terms of quantity with a value from 1 to 16 GB. The frequencies are higher compared to DDR3. However, please note that DDR4 RAM cannot be used with all types of motherboards. And in terms of cost, the price of this RAM is higher. To ensure the proper functioning of your PC Gamer, do not hesitate to do an automatic defragmentation at the memory level.

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