The history of video games since their creation

Video gaming is a growing field. It is even tending to replace traditional games, which are less interactive and less impressive. Yet it has only existed for a few decades. Here is the famous story of video games, from their creation to the present day.

The genesis of video games

The video game first appeared around the 1950s, as a result of laboratory research. At that time, computer technology was not yet in high demand. The world was turning more towards industrialization. A computer science student named William Higinbotham came up with the idea of creating the game "Tennis For Two". This game was developed to entertain visitors to a laboratory. It was played with an oscilloscope. Then computers appeared during the Second World War. They were used as tools of war. A few years later, a group of engineers created the first video game to be played on a computer. It was called "spacewar". Initially, this game was created to test the capability of the PDP-1 computer, but it spread very quickly to other computers. As a result, it became the world's first commercial virtual game.

The advent of game consoles

Thanks to the success of spacewar, many computer scientists have started to take an interest in this field. Engineer Nolan Bushnell then created his own video game company, called Atari. He designed many games, which are played on arcade terminals. In the same year, another engineer created the first game console, called Magnavox Odyssey. Since then, virtual games have continued to develop. However, the market for consoles fell off around the 1980s. The reason is that with computers, one could perform more tasks. Fortunately, a Japanese company launched its Nintendo game console in the United States in 1985. This helped to revive the video game market.

The Apogee of Video Games

With the arrival of the Nintendo Entertainment System, video games have expanded exponentially. More and more gamers became interested in this new concept. Other game consoles followed, such as the Playstation and Xbox. These brought more interaction and entertainment. Consumers were particularly attracted by the various games on offer, including the famous Mario or The Sims. Today, video games are spreading all over the world. It attracts more than a billion gamers around the world. This number is still growing.
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