Everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch

Whether it is before buying it or to use it in the best possible way, here are all our answers to your questions and all the little tricks we found that could simplify your life. The Switch is available after a first update has been made available to allow access to the eshop, in particular. During our time spent with the console, we got to know some of its options, its limits or simply how to use it at its best. Here are our answers to some generic or more specific questions, as well as some little tips.

What's in the Switch box?

The Nintendo system doesn't come alone. In fact, you can take a look at our unboxing video to see it all in pictures. Here's what you'll find in its packaging box anyway. The Switch itself, which looks (is?) like a tablet with a 6.2-inch 720p LCD screen. The docking station, which allows you to connect the console to an HDMI TV and plug in two USB controllers for charging. The Joy-Con, left and right, which can be used as two separate controllers or joined together for a more classic use thanks to the Joy-Grip. The Joy-Grip, to which the two Joy-Con controllers are attached, but which unfortunately does not charge them. The two straps for the Joy-Con controllers, which secure them to your wrist and increase their comfort of use a little. The power supply to be connected to the console via USB-C. An HDMI cable to connect to the docking station and the TV.

How much does a console cost?

The Switch

Initially pre-ordered at 350 euros, the Switch now sells for just under 300 euros, without game.

The extra Joy-Con?

To add a pair of Joy-Con to your equipment, it will cost about 80 euros.

The Switch Pro Controller?

Without a doubt the most comfortable way to play on the Switch in living room mode. The controller is sold separately for about 70 euros.

The games?

Titles sold on physical media are generally priced between 50 and 60 euros for the basic versions at the moment.

How many players can play simultaneously on a Switch?

The maximum that seems to be possible at the moment is four players connected to a single console. But Nintendo has also made it very easy to link two (or more, up to 8) consoles together via a wireless LAN. In this case, depending on the game, it is possible to reach all eight players.

Is the Switch subject to zoning?

No, there is no region for the Switch. Physical games purchased in Japan will therefore be able to run on a console purchased in France, for example. It should even be possible to link different accounts to different national eshops. For example, to buy games on the Japanese store.

Are the Joy-Cons comfortable?

Yes, even if these protean controllers are not very big, it is better to avoid having too big hands. However, it's good to know that with their wrist strap, they are larger than the NES controllers that millions of gamers have enjoyed...

Do Joy-Cons have a good range?

Yes. They last a really long time. Without trying to reach their announced 24-hour limit, we've never broken down. However, you should get into the habit of plugging them back into the console when you're not using them, so that they can recharge.

Which controller should I use to play?

While Joy-Con with Joy-Grip are comfortable enough so that you don't have to spend 70 euros on a Pro controller, it is however the latter that will ensure the best comfort during long gaming sessions. While the Wii U Pro Controller was already very pleasant to use, this new model is even more enjoyable and has little to envy the controllers of the PS4 and Xbox One.

How long does the Switch run for?

That's a question that is not easy to answer definitively. In use we have found that it all depends on the game being played and also on the brightness set for the screen. For example, when you play Zelda with the brightness at maximum, it takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes. When you reduce the brightness, you reach 3h/3h30. With less demanding games and a reduced luminosity, the autonomy that we observed could go up to 4h30/5h.

How can we recharge the Switch?

The simplest solution is to use the USB Type-C power adapter that comes with the console and that can be connected directly to the Switch or through the dock. However, if you forget the official charger, you will be able to charge the console with the charger and the USB Type-C cable from your smartphone or tablet. We tried this and it proved to be successful.
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