Simulation, adventures and strategy: what kind of player are you?

They say that video games are the world of "geeks". However, it is so broad and can suit all types of people. Indeed, there are different kinds of virtual games. Here are their rankings.

Action and adventure games

Action and adventure games are the leading category of video games on consoles. In fact, they are the most popular among gamers. The action game, as its name suggests, is a reaction game, requiring the player's skill and speed. It consists of carrying out missions that generally involve combat or war. Nevertheless, there are other kinds of action games. Platform games, for example, are obstacle games that the player must overcome. Whereas rhythm games consist of reproducing the gestures of a character. There are also racing games. As for adventure games, they are more about exploring or solving puzzles. The player must therefore have a curious and adventurous mind. In general, this kind of game is limited to the search for an object or treasure. However, there are also action-adventure games, which combine both combat and exploration.

Role-playing and strategy games

While action games focus on movement, role-playing games tend to focus on characters. Indeed, they consist of developing a character. In other words, the player will make a character evolve. He will perform several missions, in order to improve his skills and abilities. Contrary to this, the strategy game consists of making a team evolve. Most of the time, it is an army or a community. However, it also applies in sports games. This kind of game is very similar to the puzzle game, since it requires a lot of agility and intelligence.

Simulation games

Simulation games are the latest genre of video games. By its name, it is a reproduction of real life. In other words, it represents virtual reality. The player will imitate the activities of daily life, taking into account the details. The themes of simulation games are very varied. They cover many fields: medicine, public works, real estate, education, etc. However, they are mostly used in management or construction games. The player's mission is to develop a city or a community. To do so, he must use all the resources at his disposal. This game is both entertaining and instructive.

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