The mighty Nintendo

A general look at Nintendo

A notorious gaming company

Nintendo is a Kabushiki gaisha, a Japanese multinational company specialising in video games. It manufactures consoles and develops, publishes and sells video games.

The Mighty Nintendo

The inevitable Nintendo

Video game enthusiast or not, we’ve all had a Nintendo console in our hands at least once in our lives.

Versions Of The Nintendo

Versions of the Nintendo

 Whether it’s the legendary Game Boy, which has just celebrated its 25th anniversary, the Super Nintendo, which has sold more than 49 million units worldwide, or newer consoles such as the Nintendo 64 or Wii, the Japanese manufacturer’s machines are an integral part of pop culture.



There are countless mythical games released by the Japanese manufacturer. And although the latest of its home consoles, the Wii U, can’t compete with Sony’s PS4, Nintendo remains the leading manufacturer of portable consoles thanks to its Nintendo DS.



The history of the Japanese manufacturer is also strewn with failures, like the huge flop of its Virtual Boy virtual reality system released in the mid-1990s. We invite you to relive the most striking episodes, from the creation of the company in 1889 to the present day.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch game system will change the way you play. It’s a hybrid system: it plugs into your TV screen like a home entertainment system, and then by removing the CPU from its dock, you can take it with you everywhere like a handheld system, just like Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo Switch is a game system that gives you the portability of a handheld system with the power of a home system.

Its originality also lies in its revolutionary “Joy-Con” joystick. It splits in two, detaches and attaches to the sides of the central unit to optimise its nomadic appearance. You can use it as a single controller or as two separate controllers, and benefit from the multiplayer mode: up to 4 players on a single console!

Switch Lite vs. Switch: which console to choose?

The Switch Lite was released on September 20th. This newcomer is a streamlined version of Nintendo’s console, but it is also cheaper. With such an attractive price tag, it is the handheld console of the moment.

With it, Nintendo seems to want to renew the 2DS experience. A more affordable console to conquer the less well-stocked wallets, and especially the youngest ones, who are dependent on their parents.

What’s in it for you, what’s out of it? What are the differences with the Switch still on the market? We tell you everything to help you choose the better of the two (spoiler: both are good!), further more about this subject on

Switch Lite

For hybrid gamers

You like to play games to have fun with family and friends? You’re a fan of the iconic characters? The Nintendo is for you!

Power and graphics

Guaranteed entertainment

If it can please the whole family, it is above all for its playfulness. Thanks to its 3 game modes (TV, tabletop and handheld), Nintendo offers here a quality hybrid system. The Nintendo adapts to your situation, pace of life and habits.

Guaranteed entertainment

Power and graphics

Nintendo is delivering its most powerful home console, thanks in part to improved graphics performance. On a TV, enjoy a display in 1080p and in portable mode, the 720p resolution will be as good as your smartphone.



8 Nintendo Switch can connect together in handheld mode and 4 players can challenge each other on the same TV. One console can allow 2 players to challenge each other: the 2 built-in joy-con can be used as 2 controllers.

Video games

The Nintendo's accessories

The Nintendo Switch’s accessories provide both a complete and a uniqe gaming experience, including bags, chargers, screen protectors and Mario Kart controllers and steering wheels for even more fun with family and friends!

The Nintendo s Accessories

Nintendo's three game modes

The Nintendo system offers three different operating modes to suit your lifestyle:

TV Mode

TV Mode

Attach the Joy-Con controllers to the supplied handle accessory and play on your TV for a traditional experience. You can also play with the optional Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

Tabletop Mode

Tabletop mode

Remove the system from the dock, place it on the attached stand, detach the Joy-Con Controllers and enjoy the 2-player functionality to play on the Nintendo screen.

Portable Mode

Portable mode

Switch instantly to portable style by attaching the Joy-Con controllers to the console and play wherever you want in the park, on a plane, in a car or at a friend’s house.

A console made for every taste

In short, this console is a gift that is guaranteed to please everyone! Thanks to its hybrid side, its exclusive flagship games and its fun gameplay, there’s something for everyone in the family. The Nintendo Switch’s aim is to offer you new gaming experiences: the promise is kept!